About RTMC

RTMC started as a whim, a thought…a dream…Like many great ideas, it began with a few young men lounging around on a rainy Sunday afternoon, discussing how more people like themselves could get together…people with adventure in their hearts and a strong passion for the Enfield Bullet Motorcycle.

The Bullet itself is what binds us together. Look for faults in the Bullet, and you can find hundreds! But like all things that have heritage and class, there is a certain charm to cruising around on a Bullet. Once you get used to the comfort and joy of thumping along the most out of the way places in India, you’re well and truly hooked!

People sometimes find it difficult to understand why we do, what we do. ….

To them we ask…..

Have you experienced the high when throngs of people rush to wave at you, from the remotest of villages, as you roar by?

Have you had policemen flag you down, only to click photographs with you?

Have you been chased by elephants, sputtered through freezing glacial rivers and hugged your broken down bike,in the back of a truck?

Have you ever whispered sweet nothings, verbally encouraging your bike along an unsurmountable slope?

Only then do you understand what Bulleteering is all about!


3 States,3 days, Fun Unlimited.. 1500 kms of round trip

The fire within me was ignited for a longish ride since last few months. Some plans was getting its

Tamaso maa jyotir-gamaya

“Asato maa sad-gamaya Tamaso maa jyotir-gamaya Mṛityor-maa-mṛitan gamaya Om shaanti

Announce Ride 10 April 2011, Pyramid Valley

ANNOUNCE RIDE – PYRAMID VALLEY *When 6:30 AM, 10th April 2011 Sunday *Starting Point Town Hall

Melkote – RTMC Announce Ride June, 2010

RTMC Announce Ride June, 2010 Date: 13th June, Sunday Destination: Melkote – Raya Gopura, aro

April 2010 announce Ride: Nandi Hill Climb

Hi! Friends,RTMC Announce Ride on 18th April 2010 Tentative ride plan is: A Sunrise ride to the Nand

Yediur – Nagamangala – Hulidurga : Announce ride 03 – Jan – 2010

RTMC Accounce Ride – January 2010 Date: 03-01-2010 Route Start: Bangalore, ISKON temple –